Surprising Benefits of Corporate Health Checkup

According to WHO research, regular health initiatives by companies reduce the employee absenteeism by 27% and subsequently boost the productivity. It has been identified that the physical fitness of employees is not just alarmed by illness, but also by other environmental factors, like work stress, market competition, insecurities, and of socialization. Under performance, persistent absenteeism, and occurrence of any disability are some of the common traits identified in employees of today. To combat such setbacks there is only one best solution–increased involvement of corporate fitness programs, as the employees are the most important investment to any company. Let us have a look at some of the corporate health checkup benefits.

Benefits of corporate health checkup:

Whether you are a company or an individual, you must be wondering if health is the sole responsibility of a person, then why corporate entities need to involve in it. The answer is simple! The current modern, dynamic yet hectic lifestyle has imposed direct and indirect health burdens on individuals, which results in exhausting the employees and leads to low productivity in the corporate arena. The top benefits of health checkup are:
  • Corporate companies can have a transparency of their employee’s health status. It reduces the probabilities of employees hiding their health status from the company.
  • Corporate profits are indirectly proportional to the working (productive) days lost by an employee. Regular employee wellness programs ensures increased productivity.
  • Lesser health care cost for the individual as well as the company. A stitch in time saves nine; regular health checkup leads to early detection of diseases and timely diagnosis followed by immediate needed medication. In many cases, timely detection saves individuals from expensive surgery or medical care.
  • Hectic work schedules lead to increased stress level. However, timely intervention in form of health checkups helps in handling both physical and mental health problems.
While these are the benefits of going for a corporate health checkup plan, below are the top reasons why every corporate must opt for it.

Employee Wellness Programs – Why You Should Go For It Right Now!

  • Human Resource is the most important investment for any company. Just like services and equipment, even they need     regular preventive health and maintenance solutions.
  • Identifying unhealthy employees at an early stage can help in fore sighting the future illnesses with ease and at a low cost.
  • A reduction in loss of working days, or absenteeism reduces the overall training and hiring cost spent on a new employee.
  • Employee wellness companies have a substantial productive and sustainable workforce.
  • Regularly conducting healthcare programs gives a high boost to the employee’s productivity.
  • It is a cost-effective and impressive way to improve the company’s brand value and to attract the best talents in the market.
  • An easy way to lower the organization’s cost of delivering health care benefits.

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  1. Yes, It is a cost-effective and impressive way to improve the company’s brand value and to attract the best talents in the market.


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