Surviving Cancer, Celebrity Style!

Yuvraj Singh, Lisa Ray, Manisha Koirala, Anurag Basu...what’s common in all these names?
I know most of you are itching to raise hands and give the correct answer. Well, no prizes for guessing the obvious, that all of them are Indian celebrity cancer survivors.
Cancer, a disease which has earned a bad name follows no biases. It can equally affect individuals from all walks of life; young and old, rich and poor, black and white. From a common man to a famous celebrity, there is no one who can guarantee immunity against it. But when it strikes celebs, then it makes news!
These celebrities have been victims of cancer, fought against it and has emerged victorious. Today each one of them is a source of inspiration to millions of people suffering from cancer. Let’s salute their spirit and imbibe their determination.
Manisha Koirala, the newest one to join the bunch, is fighting ovarian cancer. She is one strong lady, adamant to crush the disease and we are so sure she will come back conquering. We have all our good wishes towards her speedy recovery.
Recently cricketer Yuvraj Singh, heart throb of millions and the poster boy of cricket came back from abroad after a successful cancer treatment stint. Ever since doctors diagnosed him with a rare mediastinal seminoma, a cancer of between the lungs, he has exhibited immense optimism and tremendous mental determination to fight the disease, something he learnt very early on his cricket ground itself! He was knocked down by cancer, while he was still at the peak of his cricket career. But the medical sabbatical that he took did not strip him down of his spirit, passion and love for the game.
Lisa Ray, actress and an international model took the disease quite head-on. She suffered with multiple myeloma, a cancer of the white blood cells. Rather than giving up everything to the disease, she chose to have a constructive attitude towards it. Lisa took on to blogging. Her popular blog “The Yellow Diaries” is a place where she shares her tryst with the disease, experience of the crucial treatment, and life thereafter. She uses it potentially to spread the word and raise awareness about “cancer”. Within a year of her diagnosis, she was cured with the help of stem-cell transplant, a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of cancer.
Anurag Basu. Now who doesn’t know this Barfi and Life in a Metro fame director? Basu got to know of his illness when he was gearing up to be the best dad in the world. Doctors found the chances of survival bleak. But a particular doctor’s methodology and his own yearning to see the face of his daughter made him fight and overcome the deadly battle with cancer.
They got lucky, you might not....
An insensitive statement to make but very much true! All these guys got their lives back from the claws of ruthless cancer as it got detected early and at a stage where it was still curable and possible to treat. But not everyone always gets a second chance with life.
A regular preventive health checkup once a year can catch and detect medical conditions, which are silently thriving inside your body, without making noise, without making much ado. Screening tests will make you alert of your present health status, if there are any developing maladies, and if you need to undergo any further investigations or treatment to curb them?
Take inspiration from the ones who fought it with courage and grit but don’t be among one of them.
When life kicks us, let it kick us forward
....motivating, isn’t it!

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