Be Fit with Regular Exercise & Preventive Health Checkup

“Sound body and mind equals to happy living"

Exercise is the key to a healthy fit body, and mind. Exercise strengthens overall body, the heart, the brain, blood vessels, bones, muscles, daily exercise in any form is the most important thing to do for a long-term health benefits, and is a healthy lifestyle change. 


Yoga – A healthy living

Yoga embodies unity of mind and body, yoga is a holistic approach towards overall wellbeing. It is a well-balanced workout. It consists of various asanas, breathing exercises and meditation, which fetches immense power to mental wellbeing and physical health. Daily practice of yoga brings synchronisation between healthy body and healthy mind, soul.

Why yoga?
Listed below are few of the numerous yoga benefits 

1. Over all fitness
2. Increased energy 
3. Increased brain function
4. Weight loss
5. Enhance mobility

6. Improve posture
7. Improved immunity
8. Improved sense of wellbeing
9. Lower risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and hypertension

Why Preventive health checkup is important?

Today’ busy schedule, changing food habits and sedentary lifestyles is leading to stressed life with increased risk of lifestyle related disorders such as diabetescardiovascular, hypertension and others. Preventive checkup measures are the need of hour, along with positive lifestyle changes.  Preventive checkup helps in early diagnosis and treating illness at the earliest. There are various customized preventive health checkup package suited to meet individual need.

Below listed are few prevention benefits: 

 * Regular health checkup keep you updated on health status  and keep you away from health stress.

* Investing in preventive health check up is cost-effective owing to the increasing medical expenses.

Preventive health check up improves overall quality of life. Regular health checkup with exercise is the best preventive drug towards stressful lifestyle.

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