Why Preventive Health Checkup is Important for Women

Women health problems
Women’s health is one of the priorities as per WHO. Women in our society are so busy catering to their professional as well as family life; that they end up harming their own health. Their health is badly affected due to their busy schedules, sedentary lifestyle, and unhealthy work-life balance. Consequently, this leads to women diseases that mostly have fatal outcomes, like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancers, reproductive disorders and even mental illnesses like stress and depression.

Women health facts:

The Government of India has launched multiple campaigns related to the women health. To name a few:

Menstrual Hygiene Campaign
Maternal Health Campaign
Family Planning and Reproductive Health

We all know how important the concept of prevention is.  The concept of women’s healthy lifestyle should be taken seriously. All these uncalled illness can be prevented simply by keeping health our topmost priority. With a proper female health checkup, you can understand if your body as fit as it appears. A preventive health checkup will help to identify if there are any silent killer conditions. The screening tests for women that are important as per their age are as follows:

  • General examination, which includes, pulse, blood pressure To eliminate any visible signs of illness
  • Tests for cholesterol - To assess the risk of a cardiovascular disease at early stage
  • Screening for diabetes - To assess the risk of diabetes
  • Breast cancer screening/Sonomammogram/Sonomammography - To assess the risk of breast cancerhttps://www.indushealthplus.com/breast-cancer-causes-risk-factors.html
  • Cervical cancer screening/Pap Smear Test - In females above 30 years, a Pap test with HPV test is advisable in every 5 years
  • Bone mineral density test/ Screening for osteoporosis/Bone densitometry test – In females above 40 years, to assess the risk of osteoporosis
  • Colorectal cancer screening - In females above 50 years, to assess the risk of colorectal cancers

Women health checkup 
Women checkup benefits:

There is a 2- fold advantage of a preventive checkup. It not only helps an early detection. Once an illness is detected at an early stage, it becomes easier for the doctors to treat it. Another benefit is that the cost of a preventive health checkup is much lesser than the actual cost of treatment of a chronic disease.

Hence decide now, prevent yourself from conditions that can be controlled and treated at an early age by our extensive full body checkup. We at Indus Health Plus believe strongly in “Prevention is better than cure”.

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