This World Health Day Debunk the Depression Myths

We are celebrating the World HealthDay campaign 2017 with the theme of depression.
Depression is a common yet serious mental condition which negatively impacts how you feel, how you think and how you act. Due to depression, a variety of emotional and physical symptoms can be seen. It also results in the decrease of the ability to function at work and at home.  


There are different types of symptoms seen in depression. Depression symptoms can be broadly classified into Physical & Psychological as follows:


Physical Symptoms:

Problems related to Sleep
Appetite disorders
Weight issues (weight loss/weight gain)
Difficulty in concentration/decision making


      Psychological Symptoms:

        Loss of interest
        Suicide thoughts

There is too much confusing about this condition. There are many depression myths; we will debunk them by getting to know the real facts.

Myth: Sadness means depression:
Fact: Just being sad, does not mean that you have depression. Depression is associated with other symptoms apart from being sad.

Myth: Depression affects only the mind.
Fact: Depression affects physically, psychologically and socially and not just mentally.

Myth: Depression is caused by traumatic life events.
Fact: There is a possibility that traumatic life events like divorce, losing someone close, death can prove to one of the causes for depression. However, if symptoms like persistent and frequently reoccurring sadness, loneliness or emptiness for longer than 2 weeks may out you at a direct risk of depression.

Myth: Men are mentally strong and cannot be depressed.
Fact: It is a known fact that women are emotionally weak, but that does not mean that men cannot suffer from depression. Men are often less expressive as compared to women, which usually makes depression in men difficult to notice. Also with the fear of being judged as weak and unstable, men often hide their feelings consequently, complicating the condition further with substance abuse or even worse suicidal attempts.

Myth: Talking about depression results in worsening it.
Fact: The more people discuss on their depression and express how they feel they seek the more pro-actively they are able to get the support from friends or their family.
Myth: You need to take the depression medication lifelong.
Fact: Depression treatment may or may not require medications as there are other therapy options also available. Also the depression medication is customized. Depending on the severity of symptoms and other factors related to the conditions, the medications can be given short-term or long-term.

Now that we have seen a few myths about depression and their facts; let’s discuss on depression prevention too. Depression is a curable condition. However, some forms/types of depression cannot be prevented depending on the stages or severity of its condition.

Depression can be prevented by:
·         A healthy diet: Diet rich in omega-3s fatty acids, vitamin B12, etc.
·         Regular exercise: can help to lift your mood.
·         Taking time out for fun and relaxation: Divert you from the negative ideas

Recent research confirms that depression can be prevented with simple and healthy lifestyle changes for your body and mind.

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