Lunch Box !!

They say, “A man's way to his heart is through stomach”.

We agree no less and so we tapped that route to deliver our message of cancer prevention.

Clever indeed na!! 

And guess who joined us in doing so? None but Mumbai’s very own, good old dabbawals - the biggest network of hand delivered tiffin box service from home to work place!!

3rd February, 2014, a day before the world celebrated Caner Day, Indus organized an event where Mr. Amol Naikawadi along with Mr. Raghunath Medge, President of Mumbai Dabbawala Association initiated the “Be Alert to Avert - The Fight Against Cancer ” campaign by flagging off hundreds of dabbawalas from Church Gate Station on the western line.

The plan was simple and set. 

Each dabbawal wore Indus’ cancer prevention message T-shirt, tagged their respective tiffin boxes with cancer information, inserted cancer message tissue papers in the lunch box covers and zipped off to do what they do best – delivering lunch boxes to people who are at work, on time. 

This way, the message of cancer prevention reached to around 1.5 lakh people along with their lunchboxes. The campaign was aimed to educate people on the importance of early detection and prevention of cancer and along with debunking myths related to cancer.

The event was a huge success!!

Now, have a look at these STARTLING STATS!!

* Each year, approximately 7 lakh die of cancer 

* 10 lakh gets newly diagnosed with cancer

* More women than men are getting detected 

* 1/3rd of the cancers are absolutely PREVENTABLE 

* 1 in 22 in cites & 1 in 60 women in rural areas suffer from breast cancer 

* Only 5%-10% cancers are hereditary, rest can be controlled by early detection

The best possible way to not fall prey to this deadly disease is by cutting down the risk factors and catching it early, if at all it catches you!

Early detection not only saves life but also a lot of money, mental ordeal & physical trauma

Go for regular preventive health checkups to find any abnormal changes happening in the body.

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