Top Food That Helps to quit smoking

Smoking is a burning issue in India with over 120 million smokers according to World Health Organization (WHO). Every year around 1 million people die due to tobacco-related diseases. There are no safe substances in tobacco; from tar to nicotine everything you inhale severely affects your body. Smoking is particularly harmful, as it will have serious health issues plus complications in a longer run. Let us see what exactly smoking does to our body.
You tend to face many problems because smoking effects on health very badly. Smoking increases the risk of bronchitis and many other respiratory problems such as tuberculosis, pneumonia, cancer along with affecting fertility as well. Furthermore, it brings mood stimulation, which is hard to control. In addition to that, it can cause anxiety and depression too. The person feels irritated when they miss the cigarette break.
Along with that, rheumatoid arthritis, loss of appetite, wrinkled skin, blood clotting are some serious disorders that are the result of smoking. However, you can always get rid of the habit with the help of a few simple tips.
Here are the food tips through which you can easily free yourself from the habit of smoking.

Natural Food To Quit Smoking
  • Veggies
The vegetables like celery, carrots, cucumber, squash, and eggplant are quite useful in quitting smoking. These vegetables take a longer time to chew than other snacks, which will make you feel full and help to stay away from cigarette cravings.

  • Eat lots of salty snacks
Start having salty snacks like salted nuts, popcorns, potato chips, etc. which are loaded with lots of salt. It is proven that snacks, which are salty, help in killing the urge of smoking.

  • Food rich in Vitamin C

Smoking will hamper your vitamin C level, which may lead to easy bruising and bleeding and joint and muscle pain. Therefore, start eating foods which are rich in Vitamin C. For starters, citrus foods such as oranges, lime, grapefruits are useful. Apart from that peppers, strawberries, broccoli are rich in vitamin C, which can be quite useful.

  • Ginseng tea
Some researchers have found that ginseng has a therapeutic effect on nicotine addiction. It diminishes the effect of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter related to pleasure felt while smoking.

  • Chewing a gum, which is sugar free, is also a helpful way of quitting smoking. 
There is no denying that cigarette addiction is harmful and can lead to life-threatening problems affecting lungs and liver. Apart from it, smoking affects the skin, eyes and fertility among men and women. Therefore, a proper diet to quit smoking is highly essential; the food habits discussed here are easy to follow.
A timely preventive health checkup would help you to get the status of your health, various tests and their findings would make you understand the damage smoking has been doing to your body. Consulting a preventive healthcare expert assists you to get rid of the dangerous habit and also regain your health by following prescribed healthy lifestyle.

Do chronic diseases lead to cancer?

Lifestyle choices matter and similarly the chronic diseases matter a lot. You need to pay attention to the chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension as they may lead to some serious health issues like increased risk of cancer.
Have a look at some shocking cancer statistics and facts.

  • Tobacco and tobacco products are the most common risk factors of cancer. According to Health Authority Abu Dhabi (HAAD), the use of tobacco is the cause for nearly 71% of lung cancer deaths internationally.
  • Cancer has been the leading reason of death worldwide.
  • Behavioral risk factors like usage of alcohol and tobacco, obesity, not being physically active and less intake of healthy diet can result up to 30% of cancer deaths.
  • If identified at an early stage and treated immediately, cancers like colorectal cancer, breast cancer and cervical cancer can be easily cured within a short time. 

Cancer has a major impact worldwide. It is a dangerous disease and is identified as a group of more than 100 different diseases. In this medical condition, a cell in the body starts dividing at a rate faster than what is required. The cells, which are rapidly divided to grow into a swelling, it is called a tumor. It can be of two types - non-cancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant). It can almost spread everywhere in the body.
Here are the most common types of cancer-

  • Breast cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Kidney cancer
  • Bladder cancer 
  • Thyroid cancer

Though the exact reasons behind cancer are still unknown, researchers strongly believe that chronic diseases like diabetes, heart diseases, hypertension do aggravate the possibility of cancer in a person.

Diabetes - The diabetes rate is increasing rapidly which may be due to several reasons. If you want to control your diabetes, then your first responsibility is to have a healthy lifestyle and habits. Obesity is the main cause of diabetes. 

Heart disease - Cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease is also known as heart disease. Heart disease describes the disorders or the conditions, which affect the heart. If the heart functioning is disturbed, gradually it affects the functioning of other organs as well and makes it difficult for a cancer patient to manage cancer.

Hypertension - Hypertension is a condition when the blood exerts high pressure against the artery walls. Though called a silent killer, which leads to various major health problems like strokes, heart diseases, it also increases the risk of cancer.

Chronic diseases do play a role in worsening the condition of a cancer patient; they also increase the probability of cancer occurrence in a person who is facing any of these chronic diseases.
It is seen that, chronic diseases have been responsible for that 71% of deaths, which have happened globally. Chronic diseases effects are very adverse.
Your life is precious. Do not neglect the symptoms and endanger your life. Prompt action and appropriate care bring happiness back to your life. Nowadays, leading healthcare companies have come-up with many specially designed medical checkup packages available at pocket-friendly pricings. Identify and treat diseases at an early stage and stay away from life-threatening diseases like cancer. 

Natural Tips to Increase Hemoglobin

We often hear Indian parents saying ‘Eat spinach, it is good for hemoglobin.’ But what exactly hemoglobin is? In simple words, hemoglobin is an iron-containing protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen to all the tissues. The hemoglobin boosting foods should be a quintessential part of our meal as hemoglobin provides oxygen and energy to tissues and vertebrates.
The ideal hemoglobin range is 12-16 grams in the sample of 100 ml blood. Low hemoglobin leads to dizziness, severe fatigue and being bruised easily. Low hemoglobin means iron deficiency, however; several other reasons are responsible for it. Excessive diet or unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle and certain diseases also may cause a decrease in hemoglobin levels, which may further lead to serious health conditions like anemia. Know these easy and natural tips on how to increase hemoglobin level, which will keep you away from blood disorders.

1.Increase your iron intake

The iron deficiency leads to low hemoglobin and henceforth, every individual need to include iron-rich foods in the diet. These foods not only increase the iron percentage but also help in increasing red blood cells. Here are some options
  • Leafy vegetables like spinach, broccoli, green beans 
  • Meat, egg, and fish
  • Nuts and seeds
  • Peanut butter
  • Dried fruits like fig

2.Increase your iron absorption
Sometimes having iron-rich food does not help completely in improving deficiency in hemoglobin, as your body does not absorb enough oxygen. The foods full of Vitamin C can boost the absorption of iron. So, along with iron-rich foods, you need to consume citrus food for Vitamin C or you can for supplements for Vitamin C which helps the body in absorbing iron.
Here are Vitamin C rich foods

  • Sweet potatoes                                                 
  • Lemon
  • Strawberries
  • Berries
  • Guava

3.Increase folic acid
Folic acid is required to make red blood cells. Deficiency of folic acid automatically reduces hemoglobin level in the body. If a person is suffering from folic acid deficiency, then she/he may experience anemia. Your diet for low hemoglobin should include

  • Beetroot 
  • Spinach, lettuce
  • Kidney beans, black-eyed beans.
  • Peanuts
  • Avocados

4.Iron supplementary pills
If these tips are not giving the desired result, then consult a doctor immediately. The doctor may prescribe iron supplements for extremely low iron levels after required diagnosis. The dosage will vary according to patients.

Hemoglobin is an important part of our body and we must ensure its healthy level. Eating iron-rich food always helps in maintain hemoglobin. However, if the level goes down to abnormal level then you should immediately call the doctor. Experts advise a regular checkup for everyone as it not only keeps track of health status but also identifies any deficiencies or fluctuations of levels at an early stage and take precautionary measures immediately. Prevention is always better than cure and a preventive checkup plays a pivotal role in your physical and mental health.

Unique ideas to celebrate Mother’s day at Work

On May 13th, we will be celebrating Mother’s day all over the world. A day solely dedicated to mothers. There is no denying that mothers are the essential part of our lives- Every mother is the most valuable gift of God. Mother’s day is a wonderful occasion
to show our love and admiration toward 
every mom. There are no customary celebrations of this day, no set rituals, no traditions nothing! It’s just a spontaneous celebration of your love towards your mother, the celebration happens in your style and   preference.

Many organizations celebrate this day at work wherein they honor and make the mothers feel special in exclusive ways to
celebrate the struggle, love and compassion of each mom. Some moms may not have their kids with them or some kids are
young to celebrate the Mother’s day for their moms. So, celebrating this special day at work is a great idea to rejoice the
· Give them a warm welcome
You can start the mother’s day celebration with a warm welcome to all the female employees. You can welcome them
with bouquet or chocolates.
· A special greeting card
A greeting card is always a suitable gift for any occasion. You can find really creative and beautiful mother’s day cards.
Handwritten cards would enhance the fun and give a personal touch to these cards making them more special.  
· An exclusive Mother’s day lunch
This is a simple yet very special thing you can do to honor all the mothers in your company. Arranging a special lunch for all the mothers will definitely make them feel special. The men colleagues can cook for the female employees to make it more
interesting  and as a sign of gratitude. 
· A healthy gift
The hectic and erratic professional and personal schedules make it difficult for the working mothers to look after their health. As the age increases the body undergoes several changes which may lead to lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes,
cardiovascular diseases or weight gain. A healthy gift in the form of 
corporate health checkup packages would be the ideal gift
for working women. Encourage them to make this healthy initiative a part of their life, create awareness about the importance ofmental and physical health. A healthy woman means a healthy and happy family. You can also gift other things like chocolates,
souvenir, books etc, however, a health checkup would be thoughtful which will be useful lifelong. 
The working women go through a hectic schedule and heavy work stress every day. They have to look after home as well as their work. The Mother’s day gives us an opportunity to show our love and appreciation towards all those working women. These
simple tips are really helpful as you can make their day special. From flower and greeting cards to specially created 
healthy gift
ideas for mom
, you can make the mother’s day truly memorable for them in every way. Enquire now for a customized Mother’s Day health checkup package for women. 

Prevention of Cancer! Is it Possible?

Till few years back, cancer used to be considered as an unbeatable ailment. However, with the recent research has discovered many easy ways which helps in prevention of cancer. With diet, regular exercise, and a strict no to tobacco products as your first line of defense, here are some novel ways to lower your risk of cancer. 

Cancer is nothing but a rapid, uncontrollable and abnormal cell growth. The abnormal cell growth harms the body and form masses of tissues, known as tumors.Here are some of the cancer stats and facts from the National Cancer Institute, which highlight why cancer is such a dreaded disease:

· 17.3 lakh new cases of cancer are expected to be diagnosed by 2020
· Over 8.8 lakh may succumb to cancer by 2020; while the number of deaths in 2016 itself was 7.36 lakh 
· Breast, lung and cervix cancers top the list of the most fatal cancers.
· Most importantly, cancer can be prevented and treated to the fullest if diagnosed at an early stage.

Are there any ways to prevent cancer?

It is easy to treat cancer if it is diagnosed early. It can be done by adopting a healthy habit of going for regular preventive medical health checkups. Every individual is prone to develop cancer. Although there are no recognized ways to prevent this ailment from occurring, some of the common risk
factors for this disease are consuming tobacco, high exposure to UV radiations, genetic disorders,obesity, and more. Limited exposure to these risk factors can prevent individuals from developing this deadly disease.

How to Prevent Cancer Naturally?

There are some natural ways that can keep cancer at bay.
· One must follow a healthy diet plan. Consuming lots of cancer prevention foods like dark green leafy vegetables, carrots, garlic, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, broccoli and fruits like grapes, blueberries, pomegranates on a regular basis can help you stay away from this disease.
· Avoid consumption of tobacco and alcohol.
· Replace your normal tea with green tea.
· Maintain a healthy body weight and try to adopt an active lifestyle.

Prevention of cancer 
is possible if you follow these tips religiously. Other than this, it is essential for embracing a healthy lifestyle for staying physically active and to avoid consuming foods that can cause cancer. An effective prevention is possible by spreading the awareness of this disease amongst individuals.
Cancer is a life-threatening ailment, but an early detection is the best way for its complete cure.
During early diagnosis, the spread of cancer is limited to a small part of the body and hence improves the chances of a complete cure. 
For better assistance, you can opt for comprehensive healthcare packages from a specialist in preventive health checkup

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