‘100 Ka Dum’

Chocolates, flowers, movies, interesting reads, a lucky draw....

Sounds like a perfect set up for a fun party ...isn’t it?

What if, we say.... the above said is an event where more than 100 people gathered under one roof to do some serious business - get a health checkup done?

Astounded? Sure you must be but it is true indeed!

100 Ka Dum (stop confusing it for a masala Bollywood flick...though the name may sound like one!!) was an exceptional event where Indus successfully accomplished a record number of checkups (106 to be precise) in a single day under one roof on 14th August.

Thought behind it...

There were not one but two motives in organizing this event.

One. Healthcare and especially preventive health checkup is always seen as a grey and gloomy area. 

People do not look forward to it or get excited about going through the whole process of giving blood & urine samples and to be surrounded by complex machines scanning through the body.  

So, the idea was to make clients undergo life saving health checkups in an ambiance which is friendly, comfortable and welcoming, giving them a complete feel-good experience. 

Two. Establish Indus’ strength and potential. When we say our processes are seamless and operational capabilities, efficient - we better demonstrate that as well! 

Scheduling, coordinating, processing, performing and reporting for more than 100 clients in one day under one roof is definitely not a cakewalk! But we wanted to take that as challenge and attest our capabilities.

And thankfully meticulous planning, sufficient number of manpower deployment, enough doctors/other technical staff and ample inventory made us execute this event and turn it into a huge success by carrying it out effortlessly and delivering reports on the same day (as promised) to 100+ people.

Well.... we must say that was undoubtedly a ‘Good Job Done’!!


In Pune, which better premise could it be than Sahyadri Speciality Hospital in Deccan to organize an event of this scale. 

Deccan Sahyadri is a centrally located and well equipped state-of-the-art hospital, big enough to accommodate and cater to numerous people without any glitch. 

The set up!

The waiting lounge for clients was decorated keeping in mind the Independence Day, which was just a day after. Tricolor balloons adorned the whole place. Well groomed staff welcomed the clients with fresh roses. 

The clients were given a 'goodie bag' which comprised of a mineral water bottle, chocolates, interesting books & other reading material and a special ‘Thank You’ note. 
Appetizing paav bahji and tea in the breakfast was served to them.

Once the checkup process started, clients were ushered and escorted to respective areas for sample collection and other test procedures, exhibiting absolute hand-holding service. 

Movies like Rang De Basanti and Chak De kept the clients entertained while they were waiting for their turns and later, for reports.

Contest Time!

As an icing on the cake a draw was conducted amongst the clients. Four lucky winners bagged a FREE Indus Essentia Package, which can be utilized either by them or can be gifted to anyone in the family.


106 clients who took part in the mega event left Sahyadri Hospital as the brand ambassadors of Indus to spread the message of prevention far and wide.

Happy. Content. Pleased. 

Each one of them pledged to encourage more and more people – family, friends, colleagues, neighbours - anyone & everyone to go for regular preventive chechkups, so that fatal diseases can be detected early and treated better!

And to do so, who else but the Preventive Specialists of India - Indus Health Plus.

As, I Promise to Care!

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