The Need Of Genetic Testing In Lifestyle Modification

Genetic Testing estimates genetic risks or predispositions to various diseases and traits based on your DNA. As DNA is considered to be the blueprint of life, knowing your DNA through a genetic test opens up an array of information related to you, as an individual. This may range from genetic variations related to health traits, such as weight gain/loss, metabolism, and dietary tendencies like a requirement of Antioxidants, Gluten sensitivity and much more. Some of these tests claim to deliver information such as health risks, nutrition, fitness, skincare, and even your food preferences, based on variations in your genetics. It lets you personalize everything according to what suits you the best.

If you opt for a direct-to-consumer genetic test like DNAwise, you receive a detailed report on the basis of your DNA which helps you to:
  • Understand your genetic makeup
  • Personalize your lifestyle by making changes in your diet and fitness plan
  • Delay or prevent the onset of diseases by observing relevant symptoms & planning regular health checkups
DNAwise test includes a varied range of parameters, including health risks that help you in knowing yourself more and create an action plan for your wellbeing. Some health risks are passed down genetically, however, most diseases these days are a result of a sedentary lifestyle, smoking, and unhealthy diet. Personalized genetic testing analyses genes to identify biological markers that help scientists locate genes that are linked with the disease.
Genetic testing very beautifully completes the circle of prevention. Genetic risk towards developing a disease can be avoided or delayed by making proper dietary and fitness modifications. It wouldn’t be an understatement if we say, ‘genetic testing, preventive health checkup, and lifestyle modifications can prevent a disease from happening.’

Is genetic testing an easy process?
DNAwise involves a play of highly advanced technology and analytical minds at the background, but for the user, it’s a simple process – done through a sample of saliva. The users can collect the samples themselves and send it via mail. It doesn’t require a doctor’s suggestion and often used as a gift of health for close ones. You know your genetic risk for several diseases & traits sitting at home and also get the results as an online report.

How is the personalization of lifestyle possible on the basis of a genetic test?
Your genes have multifold implications on your health. It is decoded into your genetic test report, hence it’s important to understand it accurately for its actual utility. To explain the report along with the associated health checkup strategies and appropriate lifestyle modifications, a certified genetic counselor comes into play. Post that counseling, the report can be effectively put to use for altering the lifestyle according to your genetic requirement. Your physician, dietician, fitness trainer, can help you adapt the lifestyle by outlining further steps. Order DNAwise genetic test today to change your lifestyle according to what suits your body.

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