Among the several causes of type 2 diabetes, your genetics and lifestyle are the most significant. A combination of these factors cause insulin resistance which is the most common cause of type 2 diabetes.

Genetics & Type 2 diabetes 

Diabetes can be hereditary - but that doesn’t mean that if one of your parents has it, you will also develop it. It signifies, you have more chances of developing diabetes.

Lifestyle & Type 2 diabetes 

In the cases where you have a genetic predisposition of diabetes, if you take good care of your food & fitness choices, you may not develop diabetes. Certain lifestyle choices highly influence how well your body uses insulin.

How to know your risks for developing Type 2 diabetes 

Certain genetic mutations lead to a risk of type 2 diabetes. If you know about your genetic likelihood of developing diabetes, there might be an opportunity to modify your lifestyle and thereby prevent the disease.

Predictive genetic tests like DNAwise reports your risk of developing diabetes.

  • The reports of your DNA test can help your doctor to plan your health checkups to prevent/delay the disease, explain the symptoms to watch out for, and guide you about the lifestyle changes you need to make. 
  • Your genetic test report empowers you with critical information about yourself, you can use that to make changes to your exercise routine and start eating healthy according to the dietary fibre and nutrition required by your body. 
  • Your reports are explained to you by a Counsellor who provides preventive recommendations (based on the results) like screening for some cancers, scheduling specific or annual health checkups. 
  • DNAwise test includes a varied range of parameters, including type 2 diabetes that help you in knowing yourself more and create an action plan for your overall well being. 

DNAwise report consists of tests on health, nutrition, habits and fitness. For each of these tests, we report your genetic predisposition/risk. The genetic predisposition/risk is categorized into low, medium, high or typical. Once you have this report in your hand, you can create an action plan to prevent the onset of diabetes.
Order DNAwise genetic test today to prevent yourself from diabetes.

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